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Moonfar... Captain marvel more like captain put me to sleep so boring ?
Tobey E... 2:49 probably the best one.
Yoww... This wasn’t necessary, just give me some more Avengers: Endgame
Boo Koo... When is ComicCon San Diego?
BlackFa... Has anybody realized that they call themselves S.H.I.E.L.D in the movie but they don’t call themselves that until the end of iron man
Cyrunix... They all look hot in these.
Dennis ... why did they change mar'vel to a woman? it makes no sence to me
Ronnyro... Captain Marvel would convict you all of crimes you might convict... Not a hero
EvilDem... Why is this movie hated?
Thanos... Stop promoting captain marvel. The movie has come out. Promote endgame
Sapphir... So when is that black widow movie happening the movie people actually wanted?
indradh... Whoaaaaaaaaaa
Marvel.... Captain marvel
Gulzar ... Averger film ke koi bhee part kisne dekha hai anywhere part
Imdad J... 3:25 she looks weird.
And funny too. ???
Also FAT.
Playful... Love this video, it shows that not only men love superheroes, but women too. I'm tired of hearing that the majority of fans are guys.
Lucas S... os vingadores tem fica com trajes clássicos do filme
Mr- los... Subscribe to my channel please
Mona an... Wow amazing idea ?
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