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greenbe... What cyclops should do is put together a small team to be the face for mutants while his team deal with multiple problems against mutants
Greg Sc... I’m loving Uncanny X-Men.
From issue 11 it is my X-Men.
MG16NCP... Thumbnail british look.?????
Jerel B... Marvel should just get Johnathan Hickman back and say here take the X-men and fix them. Do what you do to the Avengers for the mutants.
Monky D... Heeeellll yeah ???
KAGE Sp... Captain Marvel about to hit the 1Bill mark let the haters Cry in agony
Nadeem ... I think you should link to Google podcasts as well.
Sanier... I'm first
-4 Subs... I want Logan back ;-;
Steven ... Could I ask a ? How could dani be on scott team and be in age of xman?
TheLege... Like for avengers end game
L3ON... X men is coming back to marvel studios baby
Luke Ja... I see Marvel, I click, I see X-Men, I freak , I see Cyclops, I stick.
Karim O... I love marvel????
Eric Hu... I’m just your average Chinese Asian who is clueless about Marvel.
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