This IRON Ranked Game Lasted 5 HOURS! Vandiril

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Caenen... ONLY 5+ Hours?!

The Thi... Feikar's "" check it out!
Ys H... It became a RPG game.
ZeInter... Nice, higher elo smurfs put 7 others in a hostage game several times and not only will they not get banned but you are giving them attention so more people do this, love your videos but i can't like this practice
mamodo1... I just dont understand why they didnt finish it sooner, i get it, 5 hours is a massive game, but i think they could have ended it sooner for like... 5 times
Dragunn... how the F! xD
Kole To... I wish one of these would be for real. The memes were fun the first few years. I want to see genuinely bad LoL not trolls!
Crimson... 9:01 meme
Josua M... 5 hours game but the video only 18 minutes,

We want the full 5 hours video!
KingOfA... I have a bug to report!!

If u knock up fizz with rek sai when he starts e it doesn't make him invulnerable.
Gilded ... veigar is top 4 worlwide of most heal in a single game thanks to this.
Šïlv... these humans got no freaking life !
AmeerZx... true, it takes me 20 minutes to queue arurf
James Y... Another 4fun region
Mthalim... Oh isn this garena sea server. This seem fun to try tho
Asian A... Just upload the whole game :^
Esteban... Hey vandiril, i actually managed to do something similar but not that long, but what we got was 3 people on one team and 2 people on the other, i'll see if i have the replay, look up one of the "most kills in ranked" record in LAS by a twitch by the name of "Actor secundariO".
Xenon... Veigar probably got A-
BeLikeD... more shocked about the pyke build xD
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