We Will Rock You Mali 16 Civilization VI Gathering Storm

Welcome back to Civ 6 Gathering Storm! Im playing as Mali (Mansa Musa), on a standard size fractal map, hot temperature, immortal difficulty, with all random AI leaders. Using Concise UI mod: Enjoyed the video? Subscribe for more! Discord: Patreon: Chrono.GG: Twitter: Civilization Gathering Storm

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wvman23... bring democracy to that oil!
nfzeta... 2:59 Whoops, that was 'per turn' gold.
30:35 Now that's just sad. Took all those cities so quick you're still locked out of a peace deal. Well I mean you did have the CB available for territorial expansion and also conquering.
Sajatzs... "this is a slightly one-sided war"
wishbon... At this rate the domination victory would be much faster than science victory
Ginny K... Try for next series play as France with culture victory and taking the cities mainly with culture pressure pls :D or can you show some more advanced tanks units in fight?
Shahid ... Having too much fun watching your vidz. Dominance Victory please!!
DwarfIn... Lautaro is potentially a threat, he is building a SPACEPORT!!! Flip all of his cities with carpet of rock bands to stop him!
SirWith... China’s capital got flooded bad lol
tintim8... You should name a rock band “mat and the 99%”
Dalinu... thanks marbs
Zak6959... Peace with China or Piece of China? LOL, It could be interesting to see if you can do a religious victory?
Þórar... You can get alot of fun from rock bands if you select the indie promotion and then go on a city flipping spree.
Deluded... We will we will rock you!
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