Dash Cam Fails Compilation || MonthlyFails 2019

Hi all! Enjoy all of these driving fail videos caught on dash cams! Cars drifting, cow spotted in a roundabout and more in this car cam fail compilation. Stay tuned for new epic wins, fails and wtfs coming up next! Cheers! Subscribe ► Share ► Watch next ► Would you like to see your video being featured in MF compilation? Submit a video: Thanks to all who submitted videos! Subscribe to MonthlyFails and be updated with new compilations every Tuesday & Friday! MF on FaceBook: Watch more fail videos: Fails Compilation MonthlyFails

Najlepsze komentarze:

pulkin ... Chinese is the "Asian russian"
Swedish... How was the last one a fail? Also, stupid people shouldn't drive.
Fran El... No entiendo porque los rusos van ha mucha velocida, sabiendo que la carretera resbala debido a la nieve y el hielo. Es que conducen fatal
hal us... hopefully theres a mobile app for these kind of traffic fails..
Joe Sch... 4:55, never seen that before, but great idea...
POLARTT... Is the sound very low in this video or is it just me?
Thai883... Ohhhh an accident.....biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
RAJ... 0:43 two seagulls driving the car
POLARTT... 0:43 uoh uoh uoh uoh uoh uoh uoh uoh
Cagouil... Merci pour cette nouvelle vidéo :D
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