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Najlepsze komentarze:

marco t... Troppo divertente! ???
Armesis... Anyone know what happened to the guy at 0:27? He got hit pretty bad on his head in the water.
Swedish... 1:50 WTF IS SHE DOING!? Stop hitting the has wtf!
id10433... 2:20 What??? How???
blue_ s... how the hell?! 2:21
bravehe... 00:42 do the world a favor next time, run her over
"what do u wanna do when u grow up?" .... "I wanna lie in front of cars and make them hit me so i don';t have to work and i can sponge off other hard-workign individuals" Ugh, what a shitty existance these ppl have
jamison... I don't get it she told the car where to go, why did it do that? Who does this man think he is taking the keys away doesn't he know women have rights too!
Safraz ... @3:00 I got this leave it to me................. Ha got eeeem
2000jag... 2:06 - I'd rather have vids with no sound than vids with shit music.
Sam .P... Of coarse almost all the car accidents are caused by women drivers. They just suck in driving.
LPmitGy... I died ? 3:00
No Refu... 0:46 - DAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!

He sounds like a Roman slave child watching his gladiator father die in the Arena.
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