FIFA Ballon dOr Ceremony 2013 ... here it comes!

Things got ready quickly at the Kongresshalle in Zurich, Switzerland for footballs biggest awards: the FIFA Ballon dOr Ceremony 2013. Make sure you tune in at the following times LIVE on FIFA on YouTube: 2pm CET/8am ET to watch the press conferences live 4.30pm CET/10.30am ET to watch the Red Carpet live 6.30pm CET/12.30pm ET to watch the Ballon dOr Ceremony live More videos about the 2013 FIFA Ballon dOr: Watch the nominees for Goal of the Year: Top 10 goals from FIFA World Cups: Subscribe to FIFA on YouTube to stay updated on daily releases: More videos from FIFA on YouTube: Ballon Ceremony comes!

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Leaky G... CR7 was the best in 2013 and he will win, but I still prefer Messi!
???... CR7
Dave Ol... CR7 
KapBBit... Ronaldo ganhou!
hologra... Ronaldooooooo Portugal!
Nelsy .... Ronaldo
Korneli... can you put livestream link please?
Frenel ... Lionel messi ballon d'or
Tayyib ... Bendtner will win hahahahaha
rock@... Leo messi
Dasbomb... Where can i see the stream?
Omid Ta... where can i watch ballon d'or?
Zyzzthe... CristianOROnaldo!!!!!!!!!!
Artur R... Good job, guys!
Nejco... ronaldo fans know messi is best (all time) barcelona fans know that ronaldo was better in 2013 period, cr7 deserves to win (barca fan)
adii 7... Where can i watch this live
SuperSh... I would laugh my ass of if Messi got it for the fifth time just to piss Ronaldo off loll
Ono Kri... messi
Jacob J... Fernanda Lima is presenting tonight's Ballon d'Or. More reasons to watch it are not needed!
ismail ... Messi
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