NEW AATROX R Neverending Ult Experiment!

It extends similarly to Master Yis Ult now (on the PBE). ➤ Music: Zero project Memories of the moon (Visit for more!) ➤ Send me your replays here: ➤ Become a member/sponsor: ➤ Follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and Subreddit! I’m part of the official League Partner Program with Riot Games. You can read about the program here: AATROX Neverending Experiment!

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DareLor... Please riot do more on his ult. And yet later you will remove it again. Agahahhaha
Pedro A... Aatrox R should give you range and health, and each ability landed per champion should give an extra second on the timer, in exchange of a huge cd on R like around 180s. Also completely take out the heal passive in the E and put into the passive, kinda like a maokai passive but with AD scaling only. Nerf the passive dmg by alot, decrease cooldown. Nerf Q base dmg and scaling, scale the animation speed of Q with atk spd , nerf alot of base stats like HP, regen, AS, even MS. Kinda reworks W, make it like a targeted ability with low dmg, low area and low slow, with the area that it creates lasting for a while and giving aatrox MS, plus the original effect. That way you have a fun champion that has the essence of old Aatrox while it can still be controlled with nerfs.
Ugh Laz... Does his ult reset just on kills or does assists count
João::... Minions: kill him! nvm lmao
Theodor... Good job riot as if aatrox wasn't already op before
Jin Hyu... Who has riots contact number. They smoking crack up their ass and i wanna join in
Mustafa... I like how you ended the video with 69 kills
Robika... Hey Vandiril if you steal Aatrox's new ult as Sylas, after ulting and killing at least 1 champ you lose all of your mana please report this to rito i have tried
Arness... wtf riot games
Andrew ... 4 me more like COME ON KILL ME IM HERE
Babo TV... Bring the old Aatrox Back pls Rito! This new Aatrox could have bern a NEW champ
johnpau... So hes ult now is mastwr yi noice riot
Socorro... GG atroxx
tobinek... l e g e n d a r y
Dazzle ... Nobody's gonna talk bout fucking zed nerfs after his buff?
Broken ... Why they don't back is music from the ult?
It was so fucking cool
-Q- Dem... Hey vandiril i just saw a bug/glitch that kayle runs with her ult into kindred ult and veiger deleted her can maybe check it
Cada Ba... Clearly the mean to say "Hey RIOT love the game but clearly something isn't right, love, The Invocator" Annnnnnnd RIOT to answer "Dont care, dont want to. He's making good money on Teenagers, so he can stay OP as fuck. Period." "OK" so maybe i'll try other game where dev actually try to make their game better.
StarCla... Neverending ult experiment? More like Worldending ult experiment.
Multiro... I want my ap trox back :(
KipKipX... Demolish rune still works on invincible turrets, only seen this with Ornn
?SMA?L ... This new champion looks cool, where is the champion spotlight for it?
Irelia looks really cool, where is the champion spotlight for it? I've searched but it only shows same looking champions with completely
Akali looks cool, where is the champion spotlight for it? different abilities ::v
league ... why nobody watches the video? 0_o
Visnja ... It's so big
Cloud S... i think i just heard this music from the video in one Castlevania...
mattbra... Anybody know how many times they've changed aatrox ult?
Lucas R... Does this mean he can't revive unless he gets a takedown?
Jhin... Meow
Weeb Is... Ok what the fuck is this.
LtLamps... Do Vayne next
Night R... That like yi's ult
?Dollar... What the hell are you doing Riot?
Linkis ... LOL
it work with assists?
General... No women, dragons, armadillos or cats were hurt in the making of this video
?ukasz ... Rito: Changes aatrox ult slightly

Vandrill 10 minutes after: AATROX NEVERENDING ULT TEST
Arthur ... Bye aatrox ;-;
Leuvahk... I look at the new Aatrox with all his new and fancy skills and his streamlined design and all I want is the old Aatrox back. He felt unique. When you saw him in game he was like a walking war banner. As timeless as war just like he said. I miss that design.
Lenell ... Ah great, time to stay in base while a 16/0 aatrox keeps me and my feeding team hostage in base.
victor ... ~scene taken from my last ranked
Lucien ... I want it
Kian Gr... If this is the case I think we can make auto attack Aatrox a thing again if this comes true
Dios De... Where is the champ I main in season 4, where is him? I dont see him.... I dont find him, pls help me to find Aatrox
YOVEY... So hud ultimate become 1v5 pentakill?
SuperBl... Jungler difference
Fabulou... basically it becomes another yi
Wally C... Hello ryze
Carolin... Lol
Imagine if ARurf was still available
Fish Ja... Sounds like a feature to me :P
Slick S... Ends video with 69 kills. I see what you did there...
Modai... wait are those boots enchants ?
Gian Pa... My boi winged darius
MrRando... Great because all I want is his E charge back but this R rework of aatrox? Will just put him in hotseat to be nerfed to the ground like Zed -,-
Joaquin... Atroxx full critic papuuu
beef so... Makes me remember the good old days. I started league and I thought of maining aatrox then 1 week after he was reworked. Tbh the pre hotfix buff rework was already good but riot had to hotfix buff which made him op and hard to balance. So I say just revert to the pre hotfix buff aatrox
Veynnn... Minions are so confused like Rito Games with Aatrox
Shadow ... Whats with the cd reduction on q and e?
Veynnn... Rito games: You get a reset. Everybody gets a reset.
Patch 9.0: Sylas R now resets on Champion kills
Snow Ph... Now he looks like more from that cinematic. Attrox rework video.
Poised ... Is dis hitting live servers?
ICARLBR... Does riot even test this shit anymore? Or do they just work with their monitors off.
Normal ... So, its just yi v2 ?
Zero Ni... New master yi XD
Bryan C... Old AA aatrox need this :(
PrIMo X... Aatrox slowy but surely returning to his old self xd
Emir Ö... an empty video
Hasuo... Poor minion scared again and again...
??dre??... legendary
herobri... He was good before they removed his 2 dash
N0 Rott... So, why after you scored penta multikill counter stopped?
?? ????... ayy 69 kills at the end
Senior ... Another Aatrox Rework? Jajajajjajaaj
So Phea... Ryze was a reworking meme for Riot and now they wanna use Aatrox as a replacement??
Psycho ... I started my youtube channel cause of you, give me a shout out or I will stop being the notification squad
sponge ... hi
khalil ... Just give the man his old W ffs...
Hexo He... Also wasn't the whole point of allowing him to move while he revived, to avoid being cc camped when he responds???? Riot is so forgetful
Nguy?n ... Like R Master Yi
Mark Ev... 69 kills... Nice
Hexo He... Now Running away won't counter him as much
Der Aga... Why not do that for Riven? Ult duration refresh, ability refresh and another charge for her ult if it kills an enemy? If she makes a penta with ult windblade only, it gets permanent
Hexo He... Revives for 30% huh?????? Guess, that just mean I'm Running Last stand on this bastard
Sheen... Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary
Fasero ... Local man too angry to die.
Aimilio... Is this PBE or live and if it's PBE when will come out live?
AFlocko... do asist apply
St4r Le... This healing XD
Chetho ... Now its how the ult of Darius
kafu... minions were bullied
Edgar... nice job Riot
iKeech... i like this new buff
Mxrs... Listen buddy
Unknown... I may approve this from now yet I still miss the old one but this rework is kind my jam now
Twitch ... The only problem with old Aatrox was that he was squishy, his E sucked dick and his ult was a hit or miss. If they just changed those things and gave him a vgu then he would have been great, I used to play him in the jungle and got to D3, he had an unbelievable jungle clear and great ganks because of his Q engage which was very very good. Meanwhile nu-Aatrox is very unrewarding even if you win lane then when the teamfight starts you just zone people and hope your team kills them and maybe have them waste their skills on you. He feels awful to play and takes a shitload of effort to even be impactful. Nu Aatrox is a worse Riven and he will always will be.
Ravian ... did you know gnar pops his passiv w in 2 auto if he has rage blade
chui Ti... 7777play
Christo... I like gaaytrox in this video
Perte a... It will inevitably end when death timers reach 25 seconds....
??Oka... Devil never surrender
gg King... Aatrox :
Rito : YES!!
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