New Rune Event is Crazy! Fortnite Op & Funny Moments

Send your Fortnite clips Contact me at : Source: Hamad Ali CentuPlays TheMaabsta PowerfulPrince5 Calvin_JD Strangelupin Jellabella54 niptwiz mikecrosoft99x MooingDeathPhD CompLewisHD zachawoop youprettygood Deaf_Ear Ikcatcher wateralman Allien1006 Eclypsia_Retroer YT ZoruPurz notjacksorr bbyrne7 jaredjax BulgarianBL00D CentuPlays Music: Kevin MacLeod Onion Capers Sand & Flows by Oshóva Video Link: OP Fortnite has permission to feature the clips you see.Event Crazy! Fortnite Funny Moments

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Matthew... That was me at 8:00
Jack So... aye my clip:)
Powerfu... 5:03 hey look that’s me ha ha
?iDropP... I think its gonna blast the cube out into the volcano and the volcano will explode
ANDREI ... The 100th like
Centu... my clip is between 2 dakotaz clips nice
Itz Kri... Every rune that goes in will cause distress for the volcano and the last one wi have a massive impact and the lava in dusty will rise when the volcano rumbles and when it erupts the whole part of jungle will be molten including lonely Lodge and it will cause hot air and over time will cause the snow to Melt and the desert to will slowly die and we could possibly see the return of moisty or a new poi
imad ki... Mi name fortnite is OPPandA28
juicedV... Who else clicked so fast and went to those comments??
btw I'm śubbìng to èveryone who subž to me and likes this commènt? I PROMISE??
Furious... Hi. I love you channel. Keep up the good work
Fewd 27... Use code opfortnite
Fewd 27... Please check me out I'm first
Roko714... Love your vids
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