HITMAN 2 SPRING BREAKER Miami Challenge Pack Guide Martinoz

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Martino... TL;DR, you do not need to throw coins at Robert to lure him, just pacify him with Didgeridoo and drag his body to the shredder, it is not that hard as it look (even on Master as I do by default).
HITMAN 2, The SPRING BREAKER Miami Challenge Pack Unlock Guide in one playthrough, using a quite easy and fast method (I think). The best place to start would be in my opinion as the Kowoon Mechanic, if you don't have it, you can always grab the disguise from one of plenty mechanics. Starting in the Kowoon pit is very close to the boxes of Sugar (one in the lounge's kitchen, one in Kronstadt's paddock) and will work with baiting Robert. Basically, Kowoon's mechanic disguise is like half of the challenges here, do not forget that Robert can be lured to the skywalk above the race. Get the Car Bomb with note from the safe located in the guardhouse, you might also disable the cameras by placing nice two shots and quickly escape from there. Acquire the disguise of Kronstad's mechanic and place the car bomb at Sierra's car, then use the phone to call Robert and meet him at skywalk as Kowoon mechanic. As you are going to meet him, acquire the Didgeridoo from the underpass and go the skywalk - once Robert asks, give him the detonator and wait a while. Once he kills the Sierra with a car bomb's explosion, pacify him with a Didgeridoo and drag his body downstairs, this can be quite difficult to shred him. Be as distant as possible from the NPCs, there are 3 wandering NPCs near the stairs, just wait till they go away and drag Robert to the shredder near the sea. Do not forget to pick the crowbar (you will plenty of them during this path), open the gates, dump Robert to the shredder and dispose his body, half of the work is done. From there you can go to the acquarium in the Expo and simply throw the sugar to the water, go down and find the mascot in the parking garage - pacify the poor guy. Get his disguise and go the Thwack stand near the main entrance to the race - you will find a photo of Flamingo, pick it up to finish the last challenge, voila.
Jimmy M... I was hoping to see the challenges be done in the main mission instead of lazy contracts, and this is a good run ! Thanks!
loadali... very cool route! haven't seen anyone do it in the main mission only in contracts
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