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Martino... Red Revolution Fan Mission -
It is a very easy version of the Red Revolution from the Red Alert 2 Soviet Campaign, Mission 11 where we had to destroy the Kremlin with traitor Yuri. This is a 1:1 edition with Epsilon replacing the northmost base of the Soviets, unfortunately this Epsilon base does absolutely NOTHING in this mission. The mission has been made also way before the 3.3 release of Mental Omega, notice that the Railgun Towers are still in use and some SFX are clearly missing. When you uninstall this map, remember to remove the map with rulesmo file and reinstall the 3.3.4 once again because the ARES release is quite old here. The key to win this mission fast is just to push as quickly as possible at the enemies - of course you can use starting Kirovs as always to destroy the Kremlin but screw it. This way is so extremely cheap that it most of the people never really explored the map and destroyed all of the 3 Soviet bases, luckily they have no Nuclear Missile here. Two Apocalypse tanks in this mission cannot be built again (remember that in Mental Omega Apoc tanks are stolen tech units), so try to conserve them as long as possible. The AI like in the vanilla hard campaign is literally brain-dead, they send so few units at you, even the Kirovs after building a Silo are in laughable quantity. Your tank blob will be enough to destroy any threat in their way, just look at the Psi Adepts on the ground, they will pick up one by one your tanks, luckily there are few of them. Your enemy also places their Nuclear Reactors in highly dangerous places where you can destroy them with ease, for example the central Nuclear Reactor is destroyed from a garrison. The Epsilon base is basically a no enemy for you, just assault the Kremlin with your forces and eliminate the traitor Yuri from the position of USSR leader.
patrick... This is a perfect reverse role mission o for epsilon campaign. The plot is after Yuri was teleported in Moscow and the Soviet finally started their plans on reclaiming the capital Yuri leads them to a trap thus getting rid of Soviet threat on his mental omega device which is currently undersiege by allied forces on the south pole.
Rung Vo... Is a red alert 2 remake mission. More remake mission's
SU Anyt... Idk, this just feels like a total reskin of the original mission, no difficulty changes and the same old cheap kirov at the sides tactic still
Miku Ko... They should've fix the difficulty of this campaign if they want to convert it on Mental Omega, like 3 waves of five Kirovs spamming their way on your Nuclear Missile, 5-6 enemy a Apocalypse Tank rushing to your base and tons of Adepts, Spies and Terror Drones sneaking in and ambushing you one after another. Yeah, that kind of difficulty I was suppose expect on this stage.
Tsushim... haha i finished in 3:50
Kyros D... That'd be an actual cool idea, the white army existing as a faction in red alert...

damn you EA.
GTTOP W... I think if i install this it will make game bugged and need install again
Shinich... Soviet : Go to New York!
Allied : No ! Please !
Soviet : Yeah I'm go to New York .
Because is Red World .
Allied : Is the end !
Soviet : ha ha ha !
Joshua ... How come so many people are remaking the missions with the kremlin now?
Bobby-W... The position of the Kremlin always triggered the hell out of me.
Tsushim... i will testing speedrun this mission
????? ?... ลงยังใงครับ
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Martinoz ciekawostki

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