C&C RED ALERT 2 Yuris Revenge Soviet Fan Mission DEEP DIVIDE Martinoz

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jvzOYVzXhw

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Eugen K... смерть сверху
Gary Mo... Thanks for play through vid and link to an unknown fan made mission. :)
MooseBl... @ 3:51 The game finally decides to give you the Dreadnoughts. I wonder if it's an error or just some custom map sadism.
Armored... The beginning:


Benny Hills intensifies.
Milka S... I hate my life.
I started getting some ground up. I had a kirov and i used it to destroy enemy patrols. I also destroyed and captured the island with the tech airfield. I scouted most of the map and then i wanted to take a break. But uhh,i dont know Chineese. So i accidentaly clicked the "Play mission" button or something. I wanted to save but i bassicaly lost all my progress ,'_',
Aur? ?... OOF and with classic music
Nazri H... Cant believe they're still more fan mission on this game..?
zoidySV... So its basicly Mental Omega mission with vanila RA2YR units ?
Milka S... Its nice seeing ra2 fan missions again.
SU Anyt... Oooooooooooo, veryyy niiice
GTTOP W... Do you know i have follow martinoz at the 4000 sub with he has play game like plane shooting and play starcraft 2 mission and RTS game
Shinich... Is Hawaii island .
Eugen K... это ремейк миссии за советов в ментал омега и для реванш юрия
AETERNA... May I ask how could you play this fan mission with Mental Omega? After I unpack the files in the in the Yuri;s Revenge folder, rename the map file to sov01umd and run first Soviet mission, I only can play it through the Yuri Revenge Client
Martino... Deep Divide Fan Mission - https://www.dropbox.com/s/vr2mflnpqvb9pk2/deepsea.zip?dl=0 just unpack in the Yuri;s Revenge folder, rename the map file to sov01umd and run first Soviet mission.
This mission's name well... I could not find a name of it, but because this is a reversal of Deep Sea with Sub-Divide vibes I called it Deep Divide. It also has got some Weathered Alliance vibes at the end, but this is a topic for later, expect quite a big map with few objectives to complete. Unfortunately this mission has got few issues - lack of money on the map (especially the first island) and really few starting units for you. Playing this on Hard difficulty is even longer because the money in the crates is a lot more scarce than before, quite does not make much sense. There are 3 Allied Bases on the map, the closest one to you produces a lot of Robot Tanks, these are extremely annoying because they hunt Navy and vehicles. The main Allied base in the Pearl Harbor is your the worst problem, tons of Rocketeers in the air and assaults from helicopters or transports coming at you. Because this is a fan mission, do not expect any logic in here, the Allies will CHRONOSHIFT Prism Tanks at your main island once you build the Nuclear Missile silo. The Allied base in Pearl Harbor will sometimes block itself with too many units and refuse to build additional structures as a consequence, ignore it and strike asap. Lots of your units here are scarce, try to use them as long as possible, capturing the buildings in the Pearl Harbor base is useful to get some ore fields nearby to gather. Your main objectives in this mission are to destroy the Allied Navy in the Pearl Harbor base and capture the Spy Satellite to reveal another part of the map with another objective. You will reveal an island from the Sub Divide occupied by the Allies - destroy the Weather Control Device on that island and sunk the Allied Navy to finish the mission.

Credits - https://pastebin.com/8Gj9VZGi
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Martinoz ciekawostki

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