UNBELIEVABLE! HILARIOUS Funny Comedian Gets Simons GOLDEN BUZZER! Top Viral Talent

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppR0sKosYIg

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Simon G... One of the few great comedians that have been on BGT/AGT and whatever they are called. Kojo, Am watching out for your shows I can attend, let them come!
Stephen... So many comedians cant be funny without swearing and being crass, this was a refreshing change. Congrats to you Kojo.
Alex Jo... Damn that made me tear up actually. Knock him on his ass
Lee- On... 6:51 when you realize you have eat MacDonald
Marion ... Simon, I remember you laughing your head off at Deliso Chaponda. I'm pretty sure you liked him and he made it to the finals.
Hair Ca... amazing and special
VOLTAGE... Well done Bro❤
Zaineb ... I love that guy he s the best
Xx OoF ... When a man is crying its either bc something bad happened or something good did
#James ... Help save PewDiePie
sharkfa... 2:14 rofl.

GO HELP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kitty c... I know why they usually don't press the golden buzzer,
Because they have to clean it all up!?
Nike Pr... That looks like shane dawson in the right at 0:53
Two Fea... You Beautiful Beautiful Girl ? I swear I’m gonna get You One Day ? Thanks for Being You ? Love This so Much ?
Fifi Jo... He have an amazing smile
Marleny... That was so funny I fail
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