SFM War Of The Communities TRAILER Hoovy Tube

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTNOcHmGt5Y

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Hoovy T... Also, I've got an announcement.
There was a lot of hateful messages towards the Fortnite fanbase, which worries me a little bit. While I very much appreciate that my hard work is making so many people excited, I don't want to receive so many vile comments, especially towards children. The video will be a brutal, action-packed spectacle, but let's keep it calm in the comments! :)
Kasey N... Wait what's going to happen?
Chris D... MVF mann vs fortnite
Orges D... I feel bad for the fortnite player default I hope he survives
Kenny 3... Hell yea fortnite is trash copying tf2 taunts!!!
Aiheng... I don't think fortnite character's bleed though
uncle b... The war starts to begin plays jump waltz
Primokn... Comparing Fortnite to Team Fortress 2 is like comparing golf to basketball. You both have to have balls to play just one game has bigger ones than the other. Also battle royal is just a fucked game genre most of them don't even last more than year before their player count drops harder than Tf2 has outlasted Overwatch. Get this War on the Communities out of here Fortnite ain't even a contender agasint TF2.
Not Asc... I miss Tf2 cause my steam got scam I everytime dream about I back to Tf2 and exposed the scammer
Alister... Wow a gambling website that doesnt try and promote to children
luckyle... lets send that devils back to hell with they comunity and dances (Fortnite) :(
England... The new battle field looks good
Camo Ki... Is this a 2-sides war? Or will there be more game that enter?
Wafflef... The voice actors are really good in this one!
Lawesom... 2:20
The mad man, he used the LEGO Star Wars draw sound. You know the one, when you take out a blaster.
Detecti... Man engine is heartless
ALEX... How i hate Fortnite
Christo... This guys couldn't hit the damn guy where they trained by storm troopers?
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