Sariels Monthly Workshop Report 04/2019 Sariel's LEGO® Workshop

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The Sus... Bus looks like something great to build
Nichola... The thing Sariel is gonna reveal in July has to be something that could fly. I think
FIDGET ... Wow nice butter landing
Bernhar... Can you at least tell which countries include the surprise? Kinda lookes like Austria.
Luke Kr... what kind of editing software do you use? I've been trying to find a good one for a while.
Creeper... Looking forward to that 797F
Brickna... How much longer will you keep the submarine. You haven’t made any progress in years
Hunter ... where do you buy the chrome parts
Hunter ... wow, sariel beautiful filiming skill and pictures great work
Robert ... Looks like my wife will be building another LEGO Mustang later this year...
Albert ... Hi wat set would you recomend for the most power functions and pneumatic system for parts
Capt. R... KV-2 turret s a must. Absolutely necessary.
sy kim... if someone offered you $1b for the kv-1/kv2 would you accept it?
johny69... Please complete rpl ORZEŁ.
Nathan ... That Mercedes Benz SSKL looks exciting.
Although you're definitely into scope creep here. You may want to consider shelving some of the projects that you haven't been able to advance in over half a year.
AIDAN B... Cool! And finally a KV-1 with a lot of gun depression!

Also I think it would be really cool to see the Halo warthog built in lego. Just because of its steering and suspension.
???... you have gone to Italy right? sariel
Renzo M... Approve Sariel’s Lego ideas Jeep wrangler trailcat!