Mercedes Benz S560 Coupe vs. BMW M850i ENG Expensive Coupe Battle Marek Drives

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dzionis... The shape of the benz is just so ugly
m . ana... BMW because attractive looks and and More beautiful then Mercedes
Jeremia... Mercedes Benz
Gary Ma... interesting comparison, video looks a bit choppy in places - you using 60fps or lower ?
Blake S... Personally I'd would get the Lexus LC500 V8 over these. Looks better and such a presence. The BMW bedazzled crystal shifter is the most tacky think I've seen on a car since stick on plastic chrome fender vents. Yuck
ast5515... I find the BMW interior to be more boring than a Mazda 3 interior.
TheJira... Ceed vs. Focus estate next please! This Mercedes has the most beautiful interior I have ever seen. Think I will dream about it before I get one ?
Kenny C... Minimal review here. Plus sound is a matter of opinion.
Enes063... S coupe is higher league, also bigger vehicle. 8 series is new 6 series :)
live ad... Good review but BMW the winner it’s look more sporty more elegant more beautiful exterior . And it’s sporty performance handling feeling . About Mercedes I think we go for s sedan if we looking for comfy
Can KÜ... I wish you waited in the cold start further till the auto choke finished and the idle returned to normal and did the same sequence in mb from the start
Renard ... BMW allways win
????? ?... Обе машины хороши ! Привет из России ??. Hello from Russia !
R F Sch... You do really good reviews! I like your focus on the vehicle philosophy and character part.
rocospi... Wtf is an impatient sound?
Soorma5... two different beasts for two different types of customer taste.
Vadym P... Great review...As usually, thus thanks a lot, Marek.

May I suggest a mass market cars for comparison?
mfmf100... Fake air intakes are a pet peeve, especially on higher end vehicles. Come on, how much is a real hole.
Praetor... The Mercedes gets heated armrests as well, you know ;)
Love your reviews, you critical eye, because in the end I want to know where a car is lagging behind. The manufacturers will tell me everything good about their car, I don't need a presenter to do that. And seems like you're one of the very few presenters who realized that. Keep up the good work!
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