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TheRogu... @bibleflockbox I wanted to thank you so much for helping me find my faith I'm meeting with a woman from a nearby Adventist church this coming week to discuss with her my baptism I'm so excited thank you and God bless you and your family ??
Zeus Ni... Is playing video games a sin?
?? ??? ... What if without the Holy Spirit you can't have a clue about what the bible really says..and absolutely everyone is 100% wrong..hypothetically? ?
Ines... Hey I have a question... should we as Christians do something like Ramadan ? Or like fast for a period of time?
David P...

Tangentially related to the friend that you post about on your community posts.
amberli... Curious as to why you think The Rapture & the 2nd coming of Christ are the same. We are not appointed to wrath, 1 Thessalonians 5:9. Unless you meant Christ is coming for his Bride to rapture out of the world before the 7 year tribulation begins.
Lori Pr... I can see and hear you very clearly
Mulanga... I like your video love. For Ireland
THE RED... God bless you
Kerby D... No we thank you so much for teaching us the gospel god bless you and your family im a catolic
Irratio... You are going to hit one million subscribers! Don’t let the haters bring you down.
Stank M... @bibleflockbox i had this dream.
Idon't know if it's a nightmare or vision, but, a few months ago I've had this extremely horrible dream. And it's been harboring in my mind ever since, so I really need to get this off my chest.

A disaster happened idk what kind, but everyone was in a shelter like red cross. The main shelter was as big as two football fields. And there were tents outside. The tents were white and everyone including me were wearing white except the soldiers.

It was a lot of destroyed buildings around, everyone was hungry they didn't have enough food for everyone. 

A lot of sick people around. A lot of disabled people and children being unsupervised. They weren't making noise though. And It was hot as hell outside. 

There was this super long line full of people. I didn't know what they were lining up for. I tried to ask but no one would talk to me. No one was talking in line it was just silent. 

So I just waited in line. It took literally hours to get to the front. The line was slowly moving and now I'm the 10th person in line, out of thousands of people. And all of a sudden I peep to the front.

And I see the first person in line being told to get on his knees and another guy standing in front of the guy in amy gear and holding a big gun in his hand. He then shoots the guy on his knees in the head. 

And my heart dropped. I was so scared. I tapped the guy in front of me to ask if he seen this. But he would look back. His mind was gone. It was like him and the others are waiting to be killed.

Everyone was like him. It's like they're there but aren't mentally there. In a zombie like trance. 

I hurried up and got out of line. And I see a bunch of white tents. In each one groups of people are being shot in the head.

In one tent they had children on their knees in the form of a circle and a guy in soldier uniform with a gun standing in the center of the circle. He starts shooting the children one by one.

Another tent the disabled are being being beaten to the ground then shot in the head.

The next tent the soldiers were dragging the elderly into the tent to be murdered.

It was silent. The people being murdered weren't making noise. All I heard was gunshots and the laughs of the soldiers.
Stank M... Hello, I heard that 3am is the best time to pray because the earth world and spiritual world is quiet at that time. And god also favor jersuelam and we should pray at 3am at in Jersuelam time. Is that true? What is the best to pray?
Michael... Greg, I would like to know what you think about ppl saying they belive in God and is a christian, yet they take God's name in vain. Anyone else reading this, feel free to respond too :)
Steven ... Trevor Hughes​I’m having trouble believing in god and I need help believing.
SUGGESTION - It helps a great deal to understand end time prophesies such as Daniel & Revelation. See the following.

Where are we in the flow of time?
What do the 7 trumpets, 7 bowls & 7 seals mean?

Daniel Unsealed - World History's Response to Biblical Prophecy

2300 Day Prophecy (Daniel 8) - Powerful Presentation By Clifford Goldstein

REVELATION: The Bride, the Beast & Babylon
Leigh M... Bible flock box pls be truthful is the second comeing of jusess is that true if it is im scard
Scott W... Live by the sword,die by the by a gun, die by a gun,live by Christ,die by Christ
Scott W... Ask and you shall receive
Scott W... If you want to learn more , read the bible
Scott W... As innocent as it may seem games,television and especially the device called a cell phone are tools of Satan used to keep your mind off of Christ,,just as Peter took his focus off Jesus,, he sank.
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