Pope Francis BETRAYS JESUS With a Kiss! Bible Flock Box

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R&T M... This man is not a man of God he let Evil infiltrate the church and himself. He is a man of this world and has helped bring confussion over God's people and you're absolutely right he is betraying Jesus and God as well by this action and also changeing the 10 commandments to fit this world . Please all pray for discernment and keep your faith strong we are under attack spiritually and we need to put on the full armor of God to remain un shook by evil.
ValleyG... Speaking of Pope and his followers.. Don’t want to bash anyone’s religion. Surely there are some Catholics that will be saved .. maybe some of the 4,000 pedophiles
drumrbo... Thank u bro!?Love u/love ur message!
Jennife... Are Christians truly this stupid . Maybe he kiss the guys foot as a sign of respect. It could be customary for people to do that in what ever country it is.
Nyomi B... Jesus Christ Lord Almighty is in heaven, so do not call anyone else Jesus....
Contre ... Have you done a video on the "Reptilian Jesus" sculpture they have in the Vatican? It is absolutely horrifying when you see what they've done. I think it was sculpted way back in 1977.
Chucky... Wait but whats wrong with peace if i may ask. Lol even muslims say that islam is the religion of peace.
wilson ... Jesus washed judas feet. He is far better than judas.
Zlatan ... Damn it pope.
TheTech... Hi Bible Flock Box, I would like for you to look at this video, and talk about this in a future video. Is it common or does it happen of people having visions of Heaven?
Jacob T... Im against the Roman Pope but are u sure ur not Miss guiding details on this subject I'm not saying that you're wrong cuz I can believe that the pope is not a very good person none of them have been but gn God bless u all
brenda ... I would only kiss the feet of Jesus Christ himself !!! If it ain't him ? It ain't happening !
Butrus ... Why do you hate the pope
Eunice ... This is a sin, Catholic culture is weird and wild
Mr. Tru... The pope shows respect by doing this, is this wrong items there only one way to show respect?
nickmed... Exodus 30:1-10, Leviticus 6:1-7, Hebrews 5:1-4, Hebrews 9:12

Priests made intercession for the sins of the people. The Old Testament priests brought the sin offerings of Israel into the presence of God and asked the Lord to receive the offering and forgive the people. Priests were mediators, set apart for the bloody, solemn work of interceding through prayer and sacrifice. Their role existed because the people were never without guilt.
Uh oh guys! Quick someone say asking for Mary's intercession in wrong and there shall be one mediator between u and God. And please tell me how asking a priest to forgive u of sins is wrong too. Theres that word agian MEDIATOR. Between the people and God.
Jett Va... Leave the poor man alone lol. I mean jesus he's just trying to be kind and peaceful. Who are you to say that he is wrong? If Jesus is real that is up to Him or god idk. And so far he's still healthy and a pope. So I'm doubting that if Jesus and god do exist that they are unhappy with him
Brave F... This man is a Seventh Day Adventist.
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