▪What so not▪ animation meme Natalia Wølf

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSnnwegDhxk

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Don’t listen to the haters you’re improving and getting better. They’re just jealous of your skills uwu
tea-cak... Who ever comented that awful stuff, you should just ignore them and be yourself.
Kïtty ... Hey
Focus on the positive thoughts. Cut out the negative bits- unlike me, actually try to be positive and not fake it, your amazing at animating! And inspiration isn’t cloning or copying, as long as you don’t claim it.
zuu... Nadrabiam zaległości xd
Nobody.... Debile ;-;
Rysujesz wspaniale, hejterzy Ci zazdroszczą UwU
Caitlin... Don't let the mean comments overtake you...I hope you can feel better soon
Leopard... Hey, your one of my subs, I wanna make a gift for all my subscribers, do you have a reference sheet of any ocs or characters I could use?
Angel W... Don't let the rude comments get to you. You know your true supporters
geanne ... Cant you add me please
Lilybre... BOU THIS IS GOOD! and ignore the haters they're just jealous! Keep doing u, thats who ur fans are here for! and if they aren't supporting u their not true fans!
sheena-... Só betifal
Spookst... Here’s a little gift from me UwU https://youtu.be/gFj1YGG8fyg
_MrWolf... Awesome meme cool
Mythica... Awww please don't feel that way! You are improving, not getting worse! ;w;
alba be... I just were going to say that I'm impressed how you improved! I dunno if you renember me, I made two drawings for you a long time ago, you used one of them as your DA profile photo I think your OC was called shani or something like that.
Blackie... You aren't overrated you are underrated
You are a flipaclip master goldmine
Furries are cool (I am)
Your drawings are super cute
Your animations are super smooth, better Tha mines
Natalia Wølf ciekawostki

Natalia Wølf ciekawostki

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