⭐️SFM FNAF First Generation Redbear, White Rabbit, Baby...

Series Backstage. Characters appearance! MODELS: ⭐️Redbear: Base model: *CoolioArt* Edits: *MFSwodahS* Concept, textures: *Bertbert* ⭐️White Rabbit: Base model: *Lettuce boi* nad *CoolioArt* Edits: *MFSwodahS* Concept, textures: *Bertbert* ⭐️Baby: Base model: *ChuizaProductions* Make sure to leave a RATE of the video and SUBSCRIBE if you havent already done it to keep up with new videos. Thank You for support! Greetings! *Social Media* Subscribe: FanPage: Discord: Instagram: DevianArt: *Music Used* In My Shoes Lope⭐️SFM First Generation Redbear, White Rabbit, Characters Timeline Bertbert⭐️

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The Fna... NOICE
David O... Bertbert your videos just get better and better keep it up ????
kiki la... Nightmare redbear
Dylan t... Redbear: Part 1
White Rabbit: Part 3
Baby: Part 5
Shadow ... prototype readbear - 2017
monster redbear 2019 :)
Brandon... Read Beto 89
Jrs Smi... Redbear part 3and4,white rabbit ghost,baby 2018
Benjami... I like part seven white rabbit
Khian D... 1974-1945 fredbear
deverst... hey bert great video, keep up the amazing and brilliant work and I cant wait for the next video and I love your animations, they are so awesome, keep it up brother
Crazyco... I love the parts 2 and 3 of all of them bert! Keep it up!
Anthony... Yes yes yessssssssssss
g j... I love all your videos I watch that they make me happy
ayalich... 1:45 i like that kind of red freddy
Anthony... :)
RigsWor... Last ?
DBGT LE... Ur really good at doing this
Tony Kw... How

Edit:thxs for the heart but plz tell me how??
Mohamme... Like I said it’s very noice that you worked on this animation!
Bio 3cx... Monster redbear
Part 6 white Rabbit
Part 5 baby
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