Best vs. Worst XXL Freshman Cyphers

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Najlepsze komentarze:

best ki... Call us nggers
Archit... Early kurwa squad?
best ki... Some guys migt not like lil pump cus of his voice but daamn idek how he can rhyme that many words wtf
Marcel ... Would have preferred „Ma Nibbas“ or „Ma Chiggas“??‍♂️
ybn... Shouldve had jid on the thumbnail
Tyler... I love tommy but way too many S tier cyphers
David D... You should make a song
jonatha... Dont face tat plz
Braeden... No way it’s gotta be the homeslices
[OBV] C... Dude ur finger nails are nasty lol
ethan W... Bro the 21 savage cypher was the best cypher hands down. No question. Period.
Sach XO... Viola the list is perfect ??
jona s... 600000k today?
LeBeaut... Tommy Craze the new wave of reaction the editing man!
xan man... just in my opinion i liked the 2016 one with denzel curry and lil uzi best but that’s just my opinion
Mystic_... Takeoff insomnia copied famous dex pick it up
Henry H... Do we realize that he is like the polish supreme patty
Markus ... The Kurwas
Ebisu... L
Toby_y... The same fucking Lil Peep hat. Over. And. Over. And. Over. #nohate tho
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