FIFA Womens World Cup trophy begins French tour

Following its whirlwind journey taking in each of the 24 countries participating in the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy is back in the host country. The most coveted prize in women’s football began its national tour of France today in Paris. As excitement builds ahead of the tournament, fans throughout France have the opportunity to get up close, as the trophy will visit a number of locations including stadiums, local schools and city councils, in each of the nine host cities. SNCF, a National Supporter of the tourament, will showcase the trophy on its trains as it is transported between cities.Womens World trophy begins French

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mkr?nn?...Go France we believe in you! Girls do your best we believe in you too
Keith M...I'm 69th
GOAT...Canada will win this time!???
Mystery...Why the trophy doesn't look like men's one?
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