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240252 ciekawostki

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Roaring 1920s: Jan Garber & His Orch. Mamie, 1924

Jan Garber & His Orchestra Mamie, Fox Trot (Harry B. Smith – Jack Shilkret) with Vocal refrain, Victor 1924 (USA) NOTE: Jan GARBER (born 1894 Indianapolis, Louisiana – died 1977 in Shreveport, Louisiana) American violinist and dance bandleader, Jan Garber started his own dance band (a quartet) in 1918 and played violin in it. He formed the Garber Davis Orchestra in Atlanta with pianist Milton Davis from 1921 24 and after parting with Davis he formed his own band playing mostly the “hot” dance music and recording for Victor. In 1927 he moved the band to Chicago and met Canadian bandleader and saxophonist Freddie Large. He took over Larges band, playing violin as leader, and played in Chicago and the midwest. While performing at the Trianon he received national attention when the shows were broadcast live over radio. An announcer called Garber "The Idol of the Airwaves”. The 1924 1929 period of Garber’s band’s activity is considered by Jazz Age connoisseurs as his heyday. Garber was hit hard by the Great Depression, yet unlike many American dance band leaders he managed to recreate his orchestra into a big band in the 1930s and started to play mostly the “sweet” dance music, continuing to cut many successful discs for Victor. During World War II, Garber began playing swing jazz, his arranger during this time was Gray Rains and his vocalist was Liz Tilton. He returned to "sweet" music after the war, continuing to lead ensembles until 1971. “Mamie” belongs to Garber’s “hot” recordings from his best period.

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Victrol... Beautiful! Actually this is 1925 since it is electrically recorded! The other side of Cross-Words I think.
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzOJgV5h6H4