Use my code "CSP1" on ! ⚡️ SEND YOUR VIDEO/ODDSHOT HERE: (no demo/gotv) and see your nickname in next episode ! I belive even less than 1% of cs go players can repeat this crazy clutch. This is propably the most epic clip from cs go battle royale. You need to see it ! Enjoy the vid #prolandarmy ! FACEBOOK GROUP, JOIN US: MY TWITCH: Facebook: Instagram: Steam profile: Group: STARRING (THANKS TO): ◄ feathersOC (TITLE CLIP) ◄ Divka Kriswanto ◄ costa1g ✪ Thanks to all of my viewers who sent me their videos ! ♫ Music used: OUTRO: AcesOnAces Ice in my lean AcestoAces: Disclaimer: If you have an issue with me posting this video please contact me on or any of my social media. Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner I will have it removed. By sending me your video, a link etc. You agree to use it in my future videos.

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linndiw... Before watching, probably ninja is again here I guess???
Ignacy ... 6:16 is a winner of the video absolutely :O
TheProT... Another wonderful videoo!! Goodjob!
Sergean... Notification Squad! Watching this now.
SpaZa... only 360p ?
Gonçal... Notification squaaaaad?? greats vids btw
iMPLODE... Don't wanna brag but, I'm a better player XD
Johnny... Very good content And 1st comment :D
???????... hhe
well video
Enes B... Hi #prolandarmy
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