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Liu Liy... the weakest new champion riot ever done
Aidan W... Can you test to see if you can knock Yuumi out of her attach animation? Since she is still targetable while doing it
Pau Mol... M Y F A V O R I T E C H A P T E R
League ... 729th view, not important but it actually is when you realize it is 27 squared, and this is the 27th comment
Johnny ... It’s impressive how painfully bad Yuumi seems so far
Bryan T... Yeah if you get ulted by a Predator Hecarim while detached as Yuumi “oh no my ult got cancelled” is the least of your worries
Junior ... 0:42 "I'm just here enjoying my daily walk... oh HEY WTF!?"
Otaku O... 2 B.F Blade Fiddlesticks...
Poc Zud... This is my favorite chapter
????... i love vandiril videos in the middle of the night
Pepi uw... Thanks Riot
Sarcast... Riot! Fixthegame-inator
AS BAYR... what kind of magic is this
Mazako... Daj mi spać XD
Adrian ... Some montages with yuumiii ?
arthur ... I dont understend ..
Sans Th... hello Rito?
wtf are ya doing with Yuumi
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