PL Gramy w SLa!

Patreon: Napwiki: Discord / tech support: FAQ (EN): Q: Will you add SCP XXX? A: The list of SCPs that we are going to add in the nearest future is available on our Discord server Q: I have a technical issue. A: You can ask our tech support on Discord. Q: How can I report a bug? A: Most of the bugs are known and we are going to fix them as soon as we can. The problem is that we usually dont know the reason of them, so it takes a while :) Music: Sources This stream is licensed under the CC BY SA 3.0 license: Gramy

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Fukss... Hubert Loszka widziałeś animacje o SCP secret labolatory ?
dnesov... Why did you made your own TTS when you already have TTS by Microsoft or Google?
Texonz... Are you going to do another English stream anytime soon?
I know in the video you said you'll do more English streams, but will they be anytime soon?

Edit: You're a true god, I'm atheist and I can admit you're a straight up god.
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