Marvels SDCC 2019 Merch!

This Week In Marvel host Ryan Penagos, A.K.A. Agent M, is joined by Women of Marvel host Judy Stephens to outline all the merchandise that fans can buy at this year’s SDCC, including the debuting Spirit Jerseys, Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame t shirts, the return of collectible Skottie Young pins, and the exclusive comic variants offered at Marvel panels throughout the convention! ► Subscribe to Marvel: Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪ Like Marvel on Facebook: ‪ For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪ Instagram: Pinterest: ‪ Reddit: Marvels Merch!

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Kamikun...Just like ?
Super M...Marvel wow! I might go to the comic con!! The merch is really epic!!!! ?
that gi...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MARVEL!!!!???????????????
KellyTh...That's it, I'm going to SDCC for the 2019 Marvel merch.
Fortune...When he said Bucky I thought he said fucky
MIDprod...Iron man dying was funny. Who agrees?
Fluffyc...I'm so sad I'm gonna miss all of this
BB Tame...Merch isn’t something one considers worthwhile or meaningful.

But this... now this brings a smile to my face, along with a chunk of money taken out of my bank account.
Hyper R...Me love infinity gauntlet because I can snap my fingers like Josh brolin
[COON]...I’m getting ALL of this
Fundoo ...O yeeeeee
Unique_...Marvel Merch
Spread Love Everywhere You Go.
Let No One Ever Come To You Without Leaving Happier*
mania b...?
Daddyio...Where’s the hoodies?
Bright ...I'm only going to SDCC for the comics and the comic book march.
NoNameP...Do you have to go to the con to get these?
Jadon P...Lol why does the girl look like spider verse Gwen
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