Roaring 20s: Joseph Samuels Jazz Band Dreaming Blues, 1920 240252

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michael... Many Variations of the St Louis Blues, Even in Japanese !
1920sfa... The previous one was the end of the Roaring 20s, this one is the very beginning of it. Thank you for another particularly atmospheric presentation, including so many stunning pictures. Brilliant!
Ronette... dancing on the rooftop starts at 10:30 each evening ... these people knew how to have fun!
Solet... Very interesting!!
David H... Lovely sound and rhythm and great images of extravagant performers.
Main Ac... Super excellent with very good interesting photos
Leslie ... Looked like it was a place to go and have a great time. Then it was off to Harlem to have more good times.
tommy n... Love the pictures! Lots of jazz babies and vamps.
Luis M... I didn't know the fox trot term was labeled so early as for 1920. A rare, ephemeral orchestra which I knew from some Victor's. I'm charmed by this funny interpretation with a Dixieland, even Ragtime feeling, which still were kings in danceable, novelty music in 1920 provided by the drummer's wood blocks and some prominent, arranged or loose clarinet playing. It reminds me early Whiteman's "Gipsy blues" babbling contrapuntal jazz playing . Those early tunes had two or three parts, which enriched the whole thing. I bet all musicians were having a funny time!
?????? ... "Доброй ночи", - Гжегож. "Спасибо" :-)
James R... Love to have been there!
240252 ciekawostki

240252 ciekawostki

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