The Most Claustrophobic Map So Far They Are Billions Campaign Part 21 Rossali

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Jack Ca... Marbozir! Just giving you my opinion: I love all your videos, for Civilization and TAB. But I prefer the unedited videos. I feel like I am missing a lot when you just show us a few clips.
Andrei ... Why your playing at 100 based on your civ videos this is well below your skill.
Ahriman... I feel like not making sure to maintain proper open pathways between different sections of your base significantly contributed to the danger in this mission.
Aliens?... Love the editing of this series, much more enjoyable to watch
AZ Duke... You have the perfect voice for strategy games
Jason F... Keep them coming. The memes were great.
FireIvo... +
Julia H... So much time, so few ballistas. These post-apocalyptic people like to live dangerously...
Dinner-... That doubt reaction image at the briefing was very appropriate. What a clusterfuck!
CobaltB... having the resource delivery via train is so good. I have up to Iron so far and I can get 5-6 soldiers out by day 3 with no stone or iron quarries.
komando... Entire episode on razors edge, almost too close few times. Had quite a laugh.;)
Trackma... Glad to see you enjoy yourself on these videos with those meme edits. Lol
Sajatzs... "but i see some zombies"
Tachika... Constant soldiers! Now that you have train gold, always be cranking those early soldiers for the first wave.. and not just this map. I've found if you can manage to get 6 to 8 soldiers by that first wave, you're in good standing. Especially if your rangers survived and you can use one to run the swarm around.
Mimir... Zombie trolls return from the big fattie map!
Mimir... Oh god damn I am so early today! I wonder why the lowlands are called that if they are claustrophobic. More like Closetlands HA!
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