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Catalin... This one fucking sucks balls. Made me uninstall the game after playing it halfway.
keshav ... This is my favourite game.. Thank u
Brandon... Hey I love this game but haven’t played it in a long while because I’m on iPhone 11 pro max it’s broken and makes me press everything to the right of things can you guys PLZZZZZ fix that!!!! Would love an answer from you guys plz and thank you
Naughty... Enough with their stories.
Father's promise was a scam. A story where everything you can do is useless because the end is already written, I call it a scam. I want to play, not watching a cartoon.
I'd prefer 11bit create new maps with new locations, new NPCs, enhance gameplay to the basic game and we will create our own stories with it.
Balaran... Are you guys going to add real ultrawide support to the game at some point please ?
El Poli... Esto fue... inesperado.
Christo... Why not on PS4 FFS this is my favourite game god damnit
akiragu... Will this comt to PS4 too?
zouggar... What about Android ?? ??
Juan Wu... Can you have Frostpunk for IPads pls?,
BRYANbl... Ykiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaahhhh
Oxo Ken... Will there be new stories or season pass for this game?
Shintar... Android edition?
True Vu... Damn you guys. I really want to go back and play more TWoM, but 's hard to build up the required emotional energy.
Zaplana... I don want to be rude but.... there is a posibilty in some point of the future (or a far future) of a This War Of Mine 2 title?
Gameby ... When i saw the building being on fire, my jaw dropped, wondering what's happening

Edit: i'm getting the game somewhere near the 6th
tien di... Sorry for not speaking English very well.. I have seen 13 new achievements. I played a crack on internet but then I was very excited and bought it on the steam platform. War is its crime from VietNam
? ? ? ?... i LOVE this game
???????... Мне нужна помошь как поставить моды в епик геме там нет вор шопа и игра невидит моды и лист модов или я рукажоп помогите
Lonesom... i loved this game on mobile hopefully frostpunk will come to mobile
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11 bit studios ciekawostki

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