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bheno k... Indonesia performance not good,,,do you think audience are happy to see you..?you make scared to the audience,,,you almost died,,your so stupid,,bullshit you,,!we cannot appreciate your performance,,,,you are really stupid,,,,,
Gray Ma... If Jackie Chan does not at least meet Jesse in person he is not the man me (& a ton of other people) thought he is. She is killer & I hope she gets her wish.
Jodl Z... I am the background worker of this EP. I found it interesting to see it on another vision.
sukhman... Can anyone tell name of the judges plz
idk... Can please anyone tell me who is that black haired judge?
Maria M... La calidad de los participantes va aumentando día adia antes sebian vulgaridades ya vaaumentando su calidad y profesionalidad del más grande espectáculo del mundo no amigos y amigas yo lo doi un 10 por bueno
???????... ?film ????
Fumi Ya... 19:44 Where did he go? side of the bed. You can see his head stick out out and back in under the bed
Fumi Ya... 15:00 the black part of the box is hidden a tube where he can get air from. Everything else is performance, entertainment, show
Big Bos... She's the little girl who auditioned in BGT 2015.she's really good.
Lee BP... Seriously only 17000 views (as I remember China has 1.4 billion people)
Vynato ... Who is the girl around 26:50mins
She is so good with the instrument, wish to hear more of these
TruenoG... this time round the erhu (chinese violinist) played shit annoying music. they should be sticking to traditional music rather than trying to modernize it.
TruenoG... damien the escape artist was on AGT and his escapes were so exaggerated by his wife.
Nova M... Can anyone tell me the names of all the judges please?
Kovács... Karate kid Jesse 2015 BGT
well we... That first girl trying to look tough and angry , what was that exactly ?
Joy Div... When Jackie Chan support you, like 1000 people supporting you ?
Michael... 你們的大陸人不懂聽英文就走開啦!
*-_TADE... O chanel 2,40000 de Incribes the 491 vizulizaçoes
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