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Jose LA... God bless that woman
Abby Pf... #teamdarkside
Kjetil ... The first one is the best of the best. How it is possible?
Ashley ... Why do I cry everytime the golden buzzer goes off? ?? they arent even all sad.

Edit: didnt even think about the poor janitors until I read all the comments either. ?
Jeikali... Kechi voice almost made me cry cause it reminds me of my 2 brothers that died
Ajith A... Mom I got a golden buzzer❤that feel uff????
Lyla Mu... I'm crying and it's only 6mins in the video the first act?Thank god his daughter is okay?
osama a... The first akt the hat part gave me goosebumps for 3 minutes
WM O... Personally I don't think the Stormtroopers deserve the golden buzzer, because all they did was repeat choreography that are already exists, instead of making their own creatively. None the less they definitely deserve to be voted through to see what else they develop.
COOLLUK... I cried so much and so hard on the first one especially when the baby said hat
Nepu ek... I love the first show ????
Crazy B... The second one was funny lmao
Bush Wo... i swear no one remembers Grace VanderWaal
brooke ... When Simon said “I didn’t like it that much” the look on her face had me in TEARS!
Beastsw... Mark Spellman came back a year later and got second as X. Very good performances. I’m writing this only after the first performance of the video so idk anything else
dave cr... difference attitude the judges america vs asia with ADEM (last act). When this group with acted same coreography in america got talent only receive YES but in Asia got received golden buzzer.
Black C... The first dude was such a gentleman and it bought me in tears ??
Bloody ... the first one got me crying so much
Charles... If they are not going to do it I will ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌
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