Roaring Twenties: Ben Bernie and His Orchestra Lonesomest Girl In Town, 1925 240252

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Main Ac... Delightful
Cornell... ? Music!
1920sfa... Bernie in his best, hottest years in this very early electric. So gorgeous! It is an eloquent example of a common contradiction in those years: an utterly sad song featuring utterly uplifting music!
Main Ac... Super excellent with very good interesting photos
franka ... Ach szkoda tych płyt!!!!
Daniel ... Like Ben Bernie so much
beiderb... No one can look as world-weary as the divine Miss Bankhead, but you managed to give her some competition with your amazing array of lonesome girls. Great work, as always, and thanks so much!
Louis P... Very nice recording! I like this song a lot, thank you! Poor Louise Brooks: I just want to reach into the picture (1:01) and give her a hug! :^)))
Dominiq... Le soucis du travail bien fait
La musique enjoué
La mise en image
Une voix place a point
C'est vraiment sympa cette vidéo
Très Charlestons
George ... The band leader photo showed an example of the rare cigar holder. It's the second time I see one, the other was in a Doctor Mabuse film.
Luis M... Yes, the pictures are very appropriate to the lyrics and an interesting point to think about. Fortunately the actress smashing a disc (Donna Reed?) did it only once but the repetition of the act suggests a lot of rage against its owner. Thanks Gregor!
Cl n... first
240252 ciekawostki

240252 ciekawostki

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