Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Nintendo Switch Gameplay Cycu1

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StereoT... this is psp version?
L Wood... I usually go straight to how is the gameplay but these graphics are painfully bad, and I am a big xcom fan
Smoky P... Sorry, even with the first patch today... its unplayable, cause of that boring graphic without any sharpness...
Unknown... Any new footage since the patch today?
marksap... A few tips of your playing this game, shooting for a height advantage gives you more critical hit points, and if those circles around the enemies overlap, it means that if you attack on then the other will see and hear you and counter attack, if the circles don’t overlap it’s perfectly fine IF you are using silent weapons, also use EMP grenades or to stun robots not and small. Upgrade your guns, and your characters, make use of their special moves. It’s a fantastic game.
Carsten... What in the world did they do to this game? Un freaking believable
Ahmed N... Sometimes I just wonder why bother? if the game will look like this and you can't afford a reputable porting third party developers like panic button or someone else, why bother?
Havnar... good thing I didn't preorder this pisspoor port
Jon Fen... Looks like psp game...jajaja
wilbur ... Kind of disappointed with the graphics. It's certainly not as bad as some switch ports I've see (Ark survival, NASTY), but after seeing far more demanding games like wolfenstein youngblood that look absolutely gorgeous on switch it's kind of confusing.....
lingesw... Straight trash
MACA GA... Muito topppppppppppppppp
YoRHa... Do you have handheld footage? I wanna know how it looks like. Cant wait to play this on the switch.
Kadidia... Hi cody
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