Mutant Year Zero Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison Cycu1

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Jean-Ta... And alongside we have cdpr doing a wonderfull job at porting Witcher 3 on the same console as this cheap port
Philly ... Lazy port. The switch can do better than this.
Dex the... Shitty port. The visuals are worse than a mobile game
punto-d... Really xbox X vs switch,no mms creo que esa comparaciones sobran
MiGPU... thats why i used to say Nintendo finally reached PS3 Technology xddd
Martos ... Why with Xbox One X? This is a bad comparisson
WC... Nasty looking port
Raul Mu... the switch video is outdated without day one patch
Thomas ... I played the first map on switch and I didn't even know there was fog until I saw this video
Mark Ta... Omg that's a bad port playing it now looks like a PS2 game
Alex b... how did they make it look much worse than a ps3 or 360 game? thats some achievement ...
Infamou... The devs confirmed this isn’t the day one patch version
Oliver ... Terrible port.
TenTail... 1000%Fake as fk mine looks nothing like this on switch you fkn RAT
Jo Gr... oh man that looks like a very cheap port... -.- thats sad... the switch earns more than this
Havnar... For a game that isn't out yet, it seems like Xbox Vs PC on extremely low settings... Fake
Devocra... Well the PS4 version it is.
Rafael ... Switch looks shit
Jon Fen... Jajajajajjajjajjajajja poor switch....
Dezert ... I keep seeing these comparisons but none of them mention if they are docked/undocked or what the switch version were recorded from.
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