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Hudge P... Gunna isnt a freshman
Yuta... test 1, 2 AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Captain... DaBaby rapped for so long Jesus Christ I just stopped paying attention and then heard something about Lebron XD DaBaby smashed that freestyle
hlgib g... Megan three stallion: I'm the best female rapper
Doja cat: is that true ? I have juicy what do u have
Megan this hot girl summer
Doja cat ??
Tracy R... Little baby girl and FX
big al... take out yk osiris and put in polo G. Also where tf is nba youngboy
Juan ma... 1:10
The Gam... Comethazines cypher is a actual song
Kristin... Of course lil mosey didn't do that good he is white
Chris P... That third guy pronounced stuff off. It sounded good but that sorta threw me off
KushBud... You're a straight-up tool broyou only don't like your face because the internet told you to and you purposely showed his worst if it's worst
letical... I’m not hating
letical... Blue face and Dababy were the best stupid
letical... You’re stupid
D3QuATz... 3:00 He already is trash
Typical... Istg he can freestyle for days if he had the energy bruv??????
TrapLoc... Did comethazine freestyle then make the song or just redid the verse
laquest... Shutup stop screening
Deuce M... Blueface is just a bragger & he cant freestyle or rap on beat?
Lil mos... My man mosey didn't look to happy when da baby stepped up
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Tommy Craze ciekawostki

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