Age of Wonders: Planetfall Campaign Leave 6 / Vanguard Part 6

Welcome back to more Age of Wonders: Planetfall gameplay! Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the newest game in the Age of Wonders series, this time in a brand new sci fi setting. First Planetfall video / part 0 of sorts: Enjoyed the video? Subscribe for more and click the bell! Discord: Patreon: Chrono.GG: Twitter: New on the channel? Hi! My name is Marbozir and Ive been playing video games on the internet since 2011. I enjoy a variety of games, but generally lean towards strategy games, with Sid Meiers Civilization franchise being one of my most played. I do however enjoy other genres too, so you might also see me playing RPGs, roguelike games, survival games and more! #AgeofWonders #Planetfall #Marbozir

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Alexand... Feeding the algorithm
Andrei ... Very well played, Sir.
I took a shortcut and ignored the whole Syndicate agent thing. Now I regret not going for it. Would've liked to get Sina knock off her high horse too.
Tyra li... Cool :)

Are you planning on playing all the campaigns?
Nolopyl... Very defensive and cautious playing, I m not liking it
Trickst... Once you got in good terms with other factions and not wanting to prefer aggression, it is wise to set both non-aggression pact then defensive pact on both sides as should your unit gets into a crossfire between the other 2 groups, they cannot side to either.

Another is that you should get the "allowing to secure/capture claimed sectors" treaty as seizing them with another faction had a claim (basically bordering to it) will rise the reason for war.
Mimir... How exactly the Jiang dude died? Not the hero but the faction leader
Mimir... SUCCobot
Trifler... Not sure if you noticed, but adding the Interlocking Armor mod to the Heavy Soldier changed it from being Resistant to Stagger to being Immune to Stagger. :)
Jonatha... If anyone is interested in seeing more of this game, theres a twitch streamer named Vormathrax who recently picked up streaming it. He's a good watch!
Alexand... Using unstable echo on a owl for extra accuracy is a good pass around this 50% damage
Sergei ... 4:15 hmm, isnt Lisa a womans name? Or we dont know something about her...
???? ??... From 11:25
*Jack Gelder has entered the chat room
Jack Gelder: Hi all! I want to talk

Emma3 : We have names!

Roy2 : LOL1 noob

Jack Gelder: Ok, Emma3 and Roy2, please tell me what has happened
*Laura2, Michael4 have joined conversation*
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