I did the chicken nugget dance naked on onlyfans

Onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Ok so wow I have transitioned into the adult industry! I basically recreated my viral chicken nugget dance but naked this time. Yes naked in all its glory!! Swinging my chicken tender all around darling! I love being a pornstar!! Make sure you subscribe or you are missing out on this average mandingo. Also ignore the fact that I filmed this and you can see the table lol Onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Social medias: Instagram:@CristianOliveras Www.instagram.com/CristianOliveras Twitter: twitter.com/omgtowelguy Facebook: www.facebook.com/CristianOliveras Snapchat: TheTowelGuy Business:

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JO AN... I think you have a black dad or mom
Valeria... HE HAS HAIR ???
David L... Unsubscribed ! Annoying as $h1t
Amber H... Shut that freaking bird up hahaha
Roberto... just have the intro on replay all the time
Miss. H... My birds are replying to yours ???
Dalal D... You are so funny ?❤ i love you :-)
Alaiyah... Back to the p*** lol
Thamer ... omg i stll remember the first chicken tenders dance video . i will definitely watch the new version of it ? .. i wanna see you chicken tenders baby !
Des SAD... Wat happened to u?
aaliyah... Cristian what happened to you
Tim H... Don't have the money for your fans only, oh well
Carmen... Holy shit I forgot he existed
Shatori... Imagine Being In The Mall While Its Crowded And Quiet Af.Then All Of A Sudden You Hear Cristian Saying MOOOO (seductively) ?.
I love you chicken tender ❤
Jordan ... Not first not second but early
Alexand... Hope the birds stop chirping
craZiib... this guy is still relevant?
Ultimat... I used to watch this guy because he was on musically/tiktok now I watch him because he is funny
bogthep... How he got 25 thumbs up and only 7 views
???? ??... ??
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xfkehAF6cw

Cristian Oliveras ciekawostki

Cristian Oliveras ciekawostki

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