Australia Meets Mediterranean Sea Civ 5 Gameplay Part 15 Rossali

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FrostBi... I just saw this map on steam! It looks great!
Ayrat K... 7:50
Marbz: Done!
Dido: Done!
Gabinet... pelando
NZAnime... Loving this series, thanks for putting out more Civ5 content, Marbz!
Mak... Am I the only one who like how "Neuschwanstein" sounds?
FireIvo... +
o0aless... That wasn't catholicism you checked, that was protestantism.
o0aless... "Look at all the cows it has... It's actually crazy." ...wait a minute.
Cristia... good episode
ZLK ANG... "Im slightly concerned about my happiness"
Arent we all Marb??? Lol
Attenti... Loving this series, thanks Marbs
Nichola... 9:50 Mongolia would’ve accepted for a little more GPT. “I’m afraid I must ask for more in exchange.”
Isilion... Was that gatling gun you lost your scout unit from the beginning?
Gregory... Mongolia is preparing for naval attack! :O
Visible... Oh cam on. Siriusly?
Matias... "And it also has oil which I don't really need, but more oil won't hurt"
- Usa, probably
Gregory... Is it a second installment of Civ today? :)
Zaid Ij... Marbs chose and voted to embargo Mongolia. Congratulations Marbs you played yourself.
Alexand... I dont believe you can give a great prophete to a city state.
Craig K... Every time I move in a bit early and lose a unit, I say to myself, "I wish I could be patient like Marbs, and just wait one more turn."
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