BRUTAL DOOM v21 2016 Arsenal, Extermination Day Escape From Mars, 100% SECRETS Martinoz

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Martino... There might be a small random audio desync during the Nuclear Plant in some places but it returns to normal after few seconds. Issue is not present at later stages.

00:00 - Nuclear Power Plant

17:45 - Staging Area

27:21 - Lab Complex Entrance

35:01 - Bio Labs

44:46 - Portal Testing Labs

Doom 2016 Arsenal is an addon that worked previously only with Brutal Doom v20b - this one is updated to work with v21 by XV117. It also introduces the rules similar in DOOM 2016 like armor absorbing all the incoming damage, smaller ammo capacity and total health/armor cap at 200/200. This means that you cannot collect anymore extra health and armor beyond 200, additionally you can only hold 300 bullets, 50 shells or 300 cells maximum, a quite small amount. This addon includes also the weapons from the DOOM 2016 DLCs like a quite powerful and tricky Grenade Launcher or Hellshot, strange to use. Almost all of the weapons can be upgraded like in DOOM 2016, for example your typical Shotgun can quickly fire 3 shells or one explosive lobbing shell. Your main automatic rifle can be adopted with 6 mini-missiles launcher or the scope, quite handy for sniping distant targets, nice damage provided too. The Chaingun can be upgraded with a stationary mode where your firepower is incredibly buffed or the rotary modification, that allows you to spin up the Chaingun before firing. You can also use the other weapons like basic laser Pistol that deals very small damage but can be charged for a stronger projectile - still quite weak, but uses no ammo. The Burst Rifle is outmatched by your standard Assault Rifle later ingame, but has got the ability to use the scope since picking it up.
Joel Du... I cant use the weapons upgrade mods. What am I doing wrong.
crocket... What is your GPU?
Noname ... That's just cruel, dude. 5:32
Vandroi... Great gameplay.
Which HUD did you use?
Gaymer... I need some help here guys
I downloaded brutal doom v21 and the 2016 arsenal, but whenever I start the game, I get a fatal error that says something about "class Marine" in something "Doomer 2", sorry I forgot the actual text
Could you please help me?
ian sil... i am 69yrs old,i have played doom,doom 2,doom3,& final doom.all great games.but this is fantastic.
JC Ange... Soooo funny seeing your bot ally get smeared??
Crusaid... Amazing mod.
PiterVi... Does the title of the video list all the mods?
N... We need a ray tracing mod for this.
EAespor... It is compatible with d-touch android broo
sydneyc... Nice! Hey this might be a dumb question but is martinoz and sgtmark the same guy?
Godfist... It's unbelievable to me how far doom has come! The modding is already NUTS and people keep adding more cool stuff on top of it! Doom Eternal? That's ALL doom games for ya now!
Rob Mor... Just curious: Has anyone tackled a serious Brutal Dark Forces 1?
Mario L... Quiero ver mas brutal doom v21 2016 este sabado si amigos
Soverei... Is EDay finally ready? Or is it still in beta?
Momo Ka... Something wrong with the secondary upgrade system
Divyesh... Quake 2 ost + Doom. It's great.
Evil Li... Martinoz: *Upload Doom Vids Again.*

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Martinoz ciekawostki

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