Hirochi Raceway Comparison Before and After Upate 0.17 Make Your Life Greener

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MotoGam... I'm not that into to make a more detailed comparison on what has changed on the track compared to old version, plus few spawn places were replaced. However, when I saw a tweet about level Improvements I thought that this comparison might be a good idea. Next one will be East Coast USA.
Kristia... Your racing line was better before the update
Hitting the apexes better
Even in corners that barely changed
:D :D... Car for v0.17 is blue flagged car (i think)
Hellcat... Imo, i like the previous layout more but i like the more realistic looking edges of the track on the new one instead of just trees, looks more professional.

Combine the edges with the previous layout and it would be perfect.
Tariq... Beamng = best game ever, got 1000+ hours put into it and automation
Spencer... The Hirochi Raceway became more smoother, narrower and more stuff all over the circuit (tire barriers, billboards, restyled kerbing, new infrastructures and equipment, etc.) Also has less trees than before. The backroads are more refined. It looks more like a venue now than an isolated racetrack inside of a forest.
Oskar j... The last update was huge, still waiting for vr support and better FFB, then it will be my favourite driving game
NUDY NU... Best car game for this Price
treerex... BeamNG still rocking those top notch graphics c:
1K-1078... To those who dislike, are THOTS
Ryan Fi... I liked it
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