Draven Hot Wheels Wood Division Adventures 190 Mateusz M

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hVD2XcXSZ0

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Baradon... This is very funny jajaja
brandon... 1:45 who gets E first on Elise?
bearcom... I heavily recommend GOT despite the ending, the first five seasons are just so ludicrously good that any following seasons could be The Aristocrats and it would still be worth it to watch the first five and just not watch the rest. That being said, it's only the last season that's actually *bad*, so my advice is to watch all but the last season and just headcannon your own ending.
p.s. For anyone who doesn't know what The Aristocrats is, it's a joke that involves describing the worst things you can possibly imagine
Blood m... This is not even wood worthy it's more like plastic
Dr Impo... My god that jhin penta lmao
bradly ... That jhin penta
Trevor ... Take a shot every time a buff resets
Alex Ha... There has to come a point where you stop trying to kite the blue buff...
Gumbo... 6:40 i hate these so much... just end the game please ;-; Can we get in the next wood division a backdoor that actually works please? my heart wont make it otherwise
Trianta... No.
???... 1:47that was so sad
GoAt YS... 4:49
When you broke the window,and your Mom:
Big Chu... 0:55 LOL
Nicolae... I love this kind of music. Where can I find it?
Thom G... What I learn from these videos is... NEVER EVER bm when backdooring.
Mattias... Ngl, that Kogmaw suicide was lowkey 200iq
???... congratulations 1 M !!
Awi Sin... Why Blur Buff . Why ? Why ?
Cherry ... Who the fck levels E first on Elise
RocPack... wow you hit 1 mill congratulations
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