Age of Wonders: Planetfall Sorinus Alpha Part 4 Campaign Gameplay Rossali

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Gabinet... o que é aquela gosma preta?
Kassen7... Marbozir you can befriend 2 npc factions at a time. Each quest gives 10 rep with your faction and minus 5 for the other. If you research planetary unification you can get a doctrine that makes it 15 rep which makes it even easier to build up. In order to win a unifier victory you need to have as many factions, and especially their dwellings, you can get.
Milambe... a lot of factions in this scenario, and marbz does not know how what to do with his pet Whale, i don't know either, try go fetch us some loot from the sea. :)
Aliasal... Those imperial standard things are well worth fighting for, they're a free level up for any heroes in the army. At least it looked like it levelled up everyone when I had 3 heroes in one army
Trifler... If you're going to use those Heavy Soldiers, I highly recommend giving them Interlocking Armor to make them immune to Stagger, and Flechette Ammo will give them more damage.
Trifler... Being friends with the Autonom allows you to get the Immolation Matrix mod, which synergizes very nicely with the Promethean tech that you use in this second scenario, especially with the Thermal Imaging Relay.
Cristia... noice!
Bonny J... nice episode, try to kick out the paragons out of your territory thou, they don't let you get full benefits from the buildings. so look around for the green leaf like icon on the units inside your territory, and use yout influence to kick them out, it cost around 25 point or so. also the purple guy is such a troll., the fun ones always seems to find you.
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