DiRT Rally 2.0 4K HDR Greece Rally Replay

Greece Rally and 2001 Subaru Impreza are available as part of Season 3 Content Car: 2001 Subaru Impreza Stage: Fourketa Kourva Played with Thrustmaster TX wheel Gameplay recorded with AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K GC573 Xbox One X 2160p 60FPS gameplay MotoGamesTV #DiRTRally2.0 #DiRTRally

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Mr Susp... Sure looks like a big improvement in graphics compared to DR1! It’ll look great on my Oled!!!!! Great driving man, you nailed those hairpins pretty damn good!
DarkMas... Can someone explain what I am doing wrong? On the menu I can't select 4k resolution. It stops at 2k
C7... Super deluxe SCAM. SUCH SHITE! LOL for a location that's already in Dirt Rally!
M WJ82... Needs more cowbell...aka crowd & helicopter Noise
Joke... dirt rally is better than this shit
?????? ... Finally, I can check my HDR display without FPS drop ?
[APEX] ... MGTV, Veteran Driver ???
treerex... those cinematics though
Keijo X... Great vid mate
Hikari ... Stage: Fourketa Kourva
Latetzk... Hopefully you won't be uploading a lot of HDR stuff since not a lot of people have HDR monitors. It doesn't look good in regular monitors. Btw, it's not even uploaded right since Youtube doesn't recognize it as HDR.
dareksp... w chu.. realistycznie to wyglada :)
Christi... For me DR1 looks better
Fanuel ... i forgot this franchise still don't have Abarth 124. wish for classic Aston Martin, Db4 or Db5.
Kubixek... Nice driving.
Micheal... Not impressed with this games visuals... looks fun though.
wahyu a... Wrc 8 better than dirt 2.0 ?
Lucas C... HDR makes everything better ?
MMG GMM... That Sony 4k HDR logo in the thumbnail lol
bruce w... The dust is almost perfect
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC2Eh9reqwk

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