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I know some of you have been waiting for thispaison so without further ado letspare Assassins Creed Odyssey E3 2018 Demo with its retail version running on Xbox One X. How many differnces can you spot? Assassins Creed Odyssey E3 2018 Demo: Music: Shesh
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Rishav Mitra: I'm loving the game game so far.. ??
Guernicaman: The E3 footage has more bloom, maybe a bit of oversaturation when compared to the X Box One X.
temannopellaria: Maximum lod downgrade.
The_3nlightened one: subtle changes not much
good job though
Komandan Akash: And people still hating Ubisoft cause downgrade -_-
Canal do Mhick: Retail version is better, upgrade in release version. Great.
Hector Castellanos: Ubisoft learned the lesson when it comes to trailers it seems...
AbysmalEnd: its actually a upgrade
ZeldaTheoristb211: Pretty much upgrade all the way, you can even see it with the water effects here 0:11 ...... wow Ubisoft, I'm impressed! ;)
Jamie Vio: Surprisingly, AC games never really got a downgrade.
SpeedWolf: I think they learned their mistake from Watch Dogs.
Kamran Aslam: Finally a Ubisoft game without a downgrade!
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