Hip Hop History Orchestrated by JIMEK vol.2 JIMEK

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8saEDcZMfA

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JIMEK... If this part had a title I’d call it the wild one/the Avantgarde, the surrealists vs time travels ? To all the trueschool hungry out there stay calm, i’m not done ??

Btw give it up to my drummers - if you know anything i did you already know the boss of bosses Manolo, and if you watched cnn when he was 3yo you’ll already know Igor Falecki too ?
Thato... Is there a full version?
osmany ... wowwwwww
Frevel ... I use to love MTV Uncut with real instruments, this should be reinvented with this talent.
Marceli... My fav song first?? You’re a genius Jimek?
movieki... At long last
Maxim P... ????????????
Gustavo... it's only not perfect because it ends. I'm already waiting for vol.3
Gustavo... who the heck dislike something like this?
Fushion... 02:25 track?
Marcin ... 3:50 - moc!
ER NA... Come to Armenia Pleaseeeeeeee ????
kami... dresów prosto i gibonów brakuje
Mary Fa... I just loved the transitions
Suzy Q... my heart when I heard changes ugh
Conscio... Im so fucking proud for my country by making even the oldest boomers on the planet bump their heads to this elegantly orchestrated dope gem.
Daniel ... Big poppa flute! Wow amazing
Tavio D... Cant wait till vol 3
SIKKY B... Any one else just have a stupid smile on their face listening to this? This was awesome. Thank you YouTube algorithm for the suggestion!
welling... Parte 3 terá Quando??