Jeems vs Ian Eastwood | Beatbox: Tomazacre & Dharni | Dance...

Follow Fair Play Dance Camp here on Instagram: Follow Fair Play Dance Camp here on Facebook: Follow SBX camp here on Facebook: Follow World Beatbox Camp on Instagram: “Dance Battle to the Beatbox” is a project is co financed by the Municipality of Krakow. Fair Play Dance Camp The biggest educational dance festival in Europe. Its the event you want to join, when you are ready to learn from the best choreographers in the world and when you understand that dance workshops can be a breakthrough experience for your passion and stage career. Dance Battle to The Beatbox One of a kind battles and a must see in our festival. Take part in an event that gathers a lot of dancers and a huge crowd of Cracow habitants on Podgórski Square. Feel the magical Cracow atmosphere among historical city walls. Joining forces with the SBX Camp we create a competition which is an unforgettable experience and a huge dance challenge. Beatboxers: Tomazacre, Dharni Judges: Paradox, Poppin John, Kenzo Alvares Host: Ricky Cole, Karol Niecikowski Organizers: Fair Play Crew Foundation Partners: Fair Play Dance Camp, SBX Camp MEET TEACHERS of FAIR PLAY DANCE CAMP 2019: ►Lyle Beniga (USA) ►Diana Matos (USA) ►Ian Eastwood (USA) ►Bam Martin (USA) ►Kapela Marna (FRANCE) ►Nika Kljun (USA) ►Dylan Mayoral (UK) ►Taiwan Williams (USA) ►Jake Kodish (USA) ►Bailey Sok (USA) ►Sean Lew (USA) ►Duc Anh Tran (HUNGARY) ►Kevin Paradox (NETHERLANDS) ►Nat Bat (USA) ►Anthony Lee (USA) ►Laure Courtellemont (USA/FRANCE) ►Zacc Milne (IRELAND) ►Kenzo Alvares (NETHERLANDS) ►Shaun Evaristo (USA) ►Jojo Gomez (USA) ►Brian Puspos (USA) ►Nick Demoura (USA) ►Maniek Kotarski (POLAND) ►Lando Wilkins (USA) ►Shay Latukolan (NETHERLANDS) ►Jade Chynoweth (USA) ►Jaja Vankova (USA) ►Poppin John (USA) ►Ibuki Imata (JAPAN) ►Monyett Crump (USA) ►Pam de Brito (BRAZIL) ►Twincity (GEORGIA) _________ Edited by: Borys Dubiański Camera: Michał Wilk Aleksandra Zegarowska Grzegorz Gross

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nora zi... Ian was robbed.
ARLOPA... Both are fantastic. And beatboxers ?
Denta D... i love it this beatboxer
MOHAK M... Both dope ?
dnyprwn... I like it this beatboxer ❤️❤️
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