The biggest Liebherr excavator: R 9800 in 360° Sariel's LEGO® Workshop

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ravzir... Was expecting to see it in action...
Rombout... Dang its huge man! Must be impressive to stand so close to this machine
criss j... Noice
Jakob H... Cool !!
Daniel ... ? Like
me... Really cool
Simon&g... Don’t look down
Comrade... nice
Astrid ... 0_0
Lo Jia ... Cool?, like a real LEGO TECHNIC 42100 ?
Jack Ra... im angery that there arent still legos on the controls :/

keep up the epic vids man!
The Bat... WTF! How did you make a 360° video.
MarYnar... Jesteś Polakiem bo w jednym odcinku masz wody żywiec zdrój
tito co... If you need 1 operator for this machine lets me know ??
Midas I... This was a bit lackluster.. Feels like a waste of what I assume to be very limited time spent with that expensive camera.

First shot wasn't levelled, and felt weird and unprofessional. Plus, having the camera at head height would give the view a more realistic feel.
Second shot wasn't placed at head height, so we didn't get a realistic operator's view, and as such we weren't able to look very far down to where the bucket is.
Third shot too felt.. Weird. Should have been further behind the machine, allowing us to see the imposing rear end of it.
A few more shots would have been nice too, like having some on top of the machine, next to the cabin, on top of the rear engine block, beside the boom on the right side, etc.
And the biggest missed opportunity, having a 360 degree video filmed from either inside the cab or from the top of the cab while the machine is in motion and / or working.
This could have been done a lot better.
Chai Ki... Great view, never watch video like this. Thanks. The liebherr like a beast.
Vladimi... Cool video!
Alex Mi... Very impressive.
x3Midni... The first shot made me feel like this beast was gonna take advantage of me
?????? ... Неожиданно, клева ?