DOOM: SLAYERS RAMPAGE & Doom II Maps Of Chaos 100% SECRETS Martinoz

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Martino... 00:00 - Dead Simple

02:35 - Tricks and Traps

06:36 - The Pit

16:55 - Refueling Base

27:26 - Circle O' Death

34:59 - Factory

42:40 - Downtown
Slayer's Rampage is a modification for DOOM that will blow your socks off, one of the most dynamic mods to play so far with lots of weaponry to use. You play as a Doomslayer during his rampage in any WAD you want, you are armed with the most advanced equipment including the Shoulder Cannon or Anti-Materiel Rifles. You are strong and fast, no demon can match you in terms of speed and resilience, Doomslayer is a really tough nut to crack but some demons are also buffed up in Slayer's Rampage. For example look at the Spectres, in Slayer's Rampage they are fully invisible all the time - you can't find them unless using a crosshair that highlights them, they are visible only during the attack. The former Humans are also way more intelligent and faster than before - they are not slow anymore, can aim properly and they hunt you during the level. If they are alerted of your presence, they are going to open the doors and look at you, similar to other monsters like for example Imps or Cacodemons. As for the gear, most of the weapons have received a secondary mode - your pump-action shotgun is also equipped with a grenade launcher that deals lots of splash damage. Your Heavy Assault Rifle is chambered with armor-piercing rounds and the... rocket launcher in the same weapon, though it sounds overpowered, the rate of fire is slow. A Dual Plasma Rifle is a great equipment to use against the crowds, but it also overheats really fast, it can pierce through multiple enemies. One of the superweapons (as BFG spawn) is the Railgun Energy Cannon - it can pierce through lots of enemies, dealing a splash damage in place of impact. But by far the most devastating weapon to use, is of course an upgraded and revamped BFG - consumes a lot of Cells, but it has no problems with destroying masses of enemies.
Nichola... 29:13
Brisado... doom runs like 80 KM/h wtf
Anthony... Did you add a gore mod to this?
Charles... Hud is a little too much , what a shame :(
Twink:3... this looks kinda like super old version of maps of chaos
Maxim E... why am I missing a heavy enforcer and a gauss gun ????

Sorry for my English
Maxim E... At what level of difficulty you play?

I'm sorry for my english
Major D... Dude, that .50 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. The most pleasant meat grinder out there
Maveric... This looks dumb as hell
Phil J.... Just play the new one
Sarcast... That fuckin sniper tho...
Adrian ... it is a VERY GOOD mod...
its VERY VERY overpowered
practically no Balance
I enjoy it
but is way too overpowered
Bogart... shotgun a bit OP
ExiledA... Not a fan of the default HUD. I think a minimal HUD, or at least a smaller scale would look better.
Gretel ... The mod db versions of this mod are different to the one your playing on screen, where do i go to download this latest version.
bluewol... Where can I find these awesome remastered tracks?!
Newbie ... what are you talking about you are playing as the Slayer in Doom.
Yasin T... Mod developer(s) should add glory kills like "doom 4 for doom"
Martinoz ciekawostki

Martinoz ciekawostki

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