Wood Division Adventures #98 Fountain Siege - Mateusz M

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Barbas_Oyun: I wanted the scores after the invade 5:27
Wolfmaster: what program do you record with?
GlowingIcefire: 3:42 i wonder if a sol got a penta
Eric: Please, does anyone know the song at 0:40
Nicholas Möhl: That Khazix seriously took Camilies adviceXD

"Patience is not a virtue, it is THE virtue."
Potato Face: 1:44 omfg.. that was satisfying to laugh at
Jo Sch: Does anyone know the song @0:34 ?
John Ohmry De Armas: Poor Lux T^T 3:40
King_Etokura: 1:51 was funny as hell
haku: that vlad at the start is a fkn bbeast holi shiet
Alex Pope: 2:05 full volume
Michiii_: Dat Kha Zix hahahaa
Sprazzal: It's legitimately sad though when you get someone below 15 health and they end the game 15/0
Sprazzal: 3:50 I main Gnar and this clip gave me a boner.
Vollzer: that last one <3 i love you for that man
OtakuStix: the invasions are the most cringe worthy idk if its just me or.....
???? ???: 2:15 team four star
piccolo and goku vs broly lel
Yam Jam: I wanna know what that vlad built
tiensibui dbmb s: vl. =) :)
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ussEA1nK5Ys